Lost Viking Crew

Day 1

Invasion: Sat. Oct. 5, 2002


Thorodinson and Eddval share a laugh with our future king






Ballad of the Lost Vikings

    You don't have to wear horns to be one of us, but it helps.

We call the Ohio Renaissance Festival * ourhome Skipreitha.

We are an Anachronistic (although many of us also participate in authentic reenactments), unorganized organization that has no official meetings or regular Dues, just a love of Renaissance Festivals and dressing as Vikings, Barbarians, Huns, Nor­menn,  Nordmann,  Norse,  Rus,  Varangian , al-Majnus, Berserker, Vandals, Amazons, and anyone else who dons leather and fur. We are not a guild; that would be way to structured for us.

Whether alone or (especially) in a group we tend to get noticed. We can be loud and at times pleasantly obnoxious, but you will never find a group that can be more friendly.


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Remember: Pillage first then burn!  Johan. He hasn't earned his True Horns yet.

Apprentice Viking Sigurd

This is the Allfather of the Lost Vikings. Find him at The Happy Viking at Bristol.

Dark Star & Lady Skylocs 

The Valkyrie of Armor




ShadowLord            Slayer for Hire                 (no questions asked)

With Og the Red


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Disclaimer:  As a group we are not affiliated with nor endorsed by The Ohio Renaissance Festival. We just Hang out there.

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